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Tile and Grout Cleaning North Liberty IA

Grout Cleaning North Liberty

Klein Chem-Dry provides the best tile and grout cleaning North Liberty IA has to offer. Tile is just one of those things you don’t recognize is dirty until you have it cleaned. The difference in appearance can be mind-blowing! You may be thinking you are good for a couple years, but tile and grout should really be cleaned every 12-18 months.

Tile Cleaning North Libertydog laying on clean tile

At Chem-Dry, you can rely on our technicians to offer the very best tile cleaning services in the area. We are highly skilled with the most innovative equipment to get you that sparkling tile and grout at a low cost. It’s challenging to clean the grout yourself, especially because there are countless products out there to service a lot of different varieties of tile. Don’t make the mistake of using the wrong solutions: call Klein Chem-Dry and put your trust in our professional technicians!

Clean, Protect and Seal Surfaces

Clearing away the grime and dirt that has collected on your floors over time can restore a healthy shine to your tile and make it look like it did when it was initially installed. However the grout used to do the installation is a highly porous material that can absorb soil and spills, just like carpet, which makes them more difficult to clean and making cleaning efforts less effective. Once we clean your tile and stone floors, we apply a sealant to help keep out dirt and germs, giving you the opportunity to clean up any spills rapidly before they are able to soak into your grout and stain it.

Call Klein Chem-Dry today at 319-390-1931 for the best tile and grout cleaning North Liberty has to offer your floors!

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