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Iowa City Carpet Cleaning For over 35 years we have been taking the lead in carpet cleaning. We take ongoing opportunities to gain new experiences, add services and improve our tools as we always strive to stay on top of our industry. Here in Iowa City, IA we take pride in the fact that we can remove carpet stains that most other carpet cleaning companies in Iowa City IA can't even get out!

Cleaning carpets a drier way With our cleaning process we use carbonating bubbles to clean your carpet, just like the bubbles in your drink! You may think, how can bubbles clean my carpets? Just like club soda can clean a stain out of a shirt, this is the same process but on a larger scale. The power of carbonation allows us to clean deeper with just a fraction of the moisture that typical steam cleaners use. With just a 1-2 hr. dry time this means not only can you get back to life quicker, but it prevents mold, mildew, and other bacteria that a longer dry time can cause.


Iowa City Carpet Cleaners Our Hot Carbonation Solution has millions of tiny effervescent bubbles that blast dirt, grime, and stains from deep down in the fibers to be lifted to the surface and whisked away by our powerful equipment. That means you will save money in the long run since our techniques prevent future soiling so you won’t have to clean your carpets as often.

Our carpet cleaning process is healthier. We know that we all live "down-stream" and don't want to be putting toxins into our water and environment. Here at
green certifiedChem-Dry our cleaning process using, The Natural®, is Green Certified - along with many of our other great cleaners. We don't us harsh chemicals or soaps to clean your carpets, our carbonated solution works better than other carpet cleaners Iowa City has to offer. Our process is ideal for kids and pets that are living in your home and it is just a click away in Iowa City, IA. Once your experience the Chem-Dry difference you will never be satisfied with less- call or click today in Iowa City, IA to learn more.

IKlein Chem-Dry offers the best Iowa City carpet cleaning. If you need the best Iowa City carpet cleaners has to offer, call Klein Chem-Dry at (319) 390-1931!

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